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What You Can Do

Involvement in Mile Zero Trail Association (MZTA) isn't only for hikers and cyclists. It's for all travelers. And dreamers who like to do big things.

MZTA is for all who can imagine the organization's many benefits for communities across the country. There are many reasons to join, organize or volunteer.

As it develops a National Recreation Trail for sports enthusiasts and tourists, the organization is creating a modern multi-modal trail corridor that will form a band of inter-connected communities in what may someday be described as the first "National Cultural Trail". Camps, youth programs, educational activities, arts presentations, cultural events, hands-on environmental stewardship and other beneficial community programs are planned.

Additionally, MZTA is working to establish a National Historic Trail, based on the oldest written descriptions by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca* of contact between Native Americans, Europeans and Africans in the modern boundaries of the United States. The anniversary of 500-year-old events in the Americas that shaped the modern world, with many positive and negative ramifications, will provide educational insight and international cultural exchange. The resulting programs and interpretive facilities will achieve greater cultural literacy, inspire interest in education and history, and promote increased visitor activity for many U.S. and international cities.

*Note: Written accounts were produced by Cabeza de Vaca along with a joint report by four survivors of the Narvaez Expedition.

Above photo: A unique view of a saguaro was captured by a student during Camp Dos Cabezas.

Camp volunteers lead a group of young scholars on a trail to a park ranger fire lookout
station with educational exhibits about geology and volcanic activity.

Fun and

Start at Mile Zero

Mile Zero is where it all begins - the vision, the plan and the adventure. Most of all, the benefits. MZTA seeks members and volunteers who are dedicated to excellent results for trail users and trail communities.

Be a Member

Inaugural Members - Members who join before June 30, 2018 will be the organization's Charter Members. Those who join before January 31, 2019 will be the Inaugural Members.

General Members - Members who join after January 31, 2019 will be General Members. Further possible membership divisions (e.g. Student or Family) will be determined and approved in the appropriate process by the membership and board of directors.

Members may be involved in a Chapter Organization, as most will likely join through a local Chapter, but it is not required.

Be a Volunteer

There are many volunteer needs and opportunities. Some are described below.

Committees - Volunteers are needed to lead the committees that will establish Chapter Organizations. Other committees may be suggested and organized. They may plan a charitable function, visitor facility or competitive cycling event.

Chapter Organizations - As Chapters are established, members may join and take on volunteer roles. Chapter Organizations will generally serve trail communities, though they may also be established in other locations to achieve specific purposes, like establish a facility or send kids to camp.

Camp Committees - Camp Committees may be formed by a Committee Chair and several interested participants to organize a fundraising activity, like "Camp Dinner", a fairly simple program to provide scholarships for students to attend camp.

Be a Board Member

Directors - The Board of Directors will be developed from the organization's membership.

Advisors - Advisory Board members may be volunteers or MZTA members. They should originate from a wide variety of interests and professional backgrounds to demonstrate the breadth of the organization's benefits and impacts. They engage the widest array of communities in trail development and encourage participation in MZTA programs and other opportunities.


Whether as a member or interested traveler, follow information and guidance provided by MZTA and its Chapter Organizations about the parallel hiking, cycling and auto tour routes to have the best travel experience. Members will receive additional benefits, some of which will be special group travel and event opportunities.

MZTA - Camp experience provides benefits for children
Camping and outdoor experience provides valuable benefits for children.


Members or non-members may donate or arrange sponsorship above the regular membership fee to help the organization accomplish important goals, such as establish a permanent camp, provide disadvantaged children with scholarships, build facilities, promote local community activities, etc. Additional information will be provided.

Share Social Media

Join or promote the organization on social media. Links to MZTA's social media apps (like its Meetup group), media coverage, and internet pages will be included so they may be shared. Additional information will be provided.


MZTA is strictly a volunteer organization at this stage. It is expected to grow in the future to a level of impact and activity that will require more time and daily effort than volunteers may be able to give. A position for an experienced Executive Director is envisioned, along with Program Managers dedicated to specific program areas.

Camp Dos Cabezas in the Chiricahua Mountains
Students see the world differently when they have the opportunity to
experience what the world offers. Their quality of life, dedication
to education and interest in lifelong learning are improved.

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