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Why should we go anywhere? That's the question that's being presented to us, more and more, as the way of the future. Why should we go shopping when we can stay home and buy online? Why should we go out to eat when we can have food delivered to our homes? Why should we go to universities to learn, when we can stay home and take courses online? Why should we go to sports events when we can watch them on TV? Why should we go to the movies when we can stream them to our computers?

With all these new ways to stay home, work from home, staycation and consume emotionless stuff delivered to our doors, why should we travel?

Answer: Education. Adventure. Social life. And to support the things we want to survive in the world - the people who make community activities, keep traditions alive, develop places for people to hang out, preserve nature and architecture, create art and live music, and prepare food for people to enjoy.

Besides, why should we stay home, glued to our screens? As useful as they are, it's a terrible idea to build a life of isolation and virtual social interaction, and expect happiness to result. The "attention economy" and our increasingly sedentary habits should alert all of us to refocus our interests on more active and organic pursuits.

For those who enjoy travel, and the cultural and educational experience it provides, we will promote opportunities in pictures, in writing and in person. Mile Zero Trail Association (MZTA) will provide information for members who want to go solo, and for those who want to go with a group, for the obvious social, economic and safety benefits.

Take a look at these recent examples of the places we visited (below) in the "Land of Enchantment". Northern New Mexico is just one of the interesting and diverse regions MZTA will tour.

What kinds of places and events do you want to visit? And dream big.

Some of the exciting places MZTA will tour include:

-The Kiamichi and Ouachita Mountains
-The National Park-to-Park Highway
-Great Smoky Mountains National Park
-The Ozark Trail/Historic Route 66
-Wichita Mountains/Anadarko Basin
-The Natchez Trace to New Orleans
-El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
-El Camino Real de Los Tejas
-Anza National Historic Trail
-The Route of Cabeza de Vaca
-The Land of Enchantment
-The Pilgrimage to Chimayo
-The Wonderland of Rocks
-Big Bend National Park
-The Colorado Plateau
-The Zuni-Acoma Trail
-And more

The Land of Enchantment

Innovative Architecture

Earth Ship Community

Ranchos de Taos

Traditional Events and Places

Santuario de Chimayo

Chimayo Pilgrim
Archive photo from our extensive research on regional traditions.


Ghost Ranch

Places to Eat and Relax

Santa Fe Plaza

Downtown Santa Fe

Places to Hike and View Nature

Tent Rocks

Tent Rocks

Places for Spiritual Retreat and Education

Ghost Ranch Labyrinth

Museum Hill Exhibit

Places to Experience Art and Design

Museum Hill Plaza

Museum Hill Plaza

Places to Shop

Artisan Shop

Turquoise Trail

Places to Tour, Ponder and Enjoy

Route 66 and Tinkertown

Just a reminder: As a non-profit organization, camp and travel programs are not planned or intended to be commercial tours. While some may help the organization generate revenue for key programs through donations, most are expected to be offered at-cost for organization members to ensure that the benefits of the mission and goals are extended to its members. MZTA members are invited and needed to be involved in planning.

More image galleries and updates will be provided. Stay tuned!

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