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A brief introduction to the Organization.

The Organization Mission, Priciples, Goals and Contact Information.

A Welcome message and more information about the Organization, its name and purpose.

More about the Organization and how it will function during planning and work on the Link Trail.

Vision and historic overview of Trails, benefits of the Link Trail and potential program possibilities.

A message about how the Organization will draw from its members' experience to combine recreation, education and cultural interests to benefit communities along the Link Trail corridor.

What You Can Do
MZTA isn't only for hikers and cyclists and other travelers. There are many reasons to join, organize or volunteer, including youth camps, cultural programs and educational travel.


Information about planned programs and benefits for Members.

Member Signup
How and when to sign up to be a Charter Member, Inaugural Member or General Member.

Camp Programs
Camp Programs are planned as a Member Benefit if Members are interested.

Travel Programs
Travel Programs are planned as a Member Benefit if Members are interested.

Merchandise is available through on-demand services and planned to be available directly through the Organization as Membership grows.

Social Media
Mile Zero Trail Association social media links, events, information and archive.

Meetup Group
External link to Mile Zero Trail Association Meetup group based in Richardson/Plano, Texas:


The Link Trail
An overview of information about the Link Trail.

Link Trail Details
Details about planning for the Link Trail, including organization of Chapter Organizations.

Background and Significance of the Link Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Link Trail, with others that address questions about the Organization.

LTD Campaigns
A variety of Campaigns will offer information and promote interests in the Link Trail.

A Gallery of pictures demonstrates the wide variety of cultural interests making it a potential National Cultural Trail.

The Appalachian Trail was conceived at the onset of a century of car culture, while the Link Trail is planned at the onset of a fast-approaching future that is difficult to predict, but time to shape.

Partial background about the origin of the concept for the Link Trail.

Timelines for the Link Trail, organization programs and other planning.


Information about Chapter Organizations and their role in planning the Link Trail.

Chapter Divisions
Geographic information about the Trail Divisions and Sections, and Chapter Organizations.

Volunteer to organize a committee and establish a Chapter Organization.

Local Programs
Local topical, educational and cultural programs are planned to serve Chapters and Trail Communities.

Camp Committees
Committee organizers, members and supporters plan and develop youth camps.

Tree Programs
Programs provide education about the benefits of trees through hands-on student projects and community celebrations.

Meetup Group
External link to Mile Zero Trail Association Meetup group based in Richardson/Plano, Texas:


Educational and participatory Projects that will interest and serve Organization Members.

National Historic Trail - Route of Cabeza de Vaca
Information about an additional Key Project to propose and describe a National Historical Trail and International Interpretive Trail, with interpretive centers, based on the misadventures and writing of Cabeza de Vaca and three other survivors during the earliest Spanish excursions and attempt to survey and colonize within the mordern boundaries of the U.S.

Museum of the Spanish Entradas
Cabeza de Vaca's Relacion - the oldest written description of people and places in the modern boundaries of the United States - merits an international museum and interpretive center.

Cycling Tour
The Link Trail corridor is ideal for an American competitive cyling tour on par with the Tour de France.

Artery 2 Plan
A concept for a Media and Arts Center based on the original Artery Houston is presented by Imagine a Museum.


Media information and press releases.

Boards and Advisors
The boards and advisors for Mile Zero Trail Association and its programs.

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