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Connect the Appalachian Trail with the Continental Divide

Like Canada's innovative Great Trail, and England's and France's extensive footpaths, the Link Trail will complete an extensive network of U.S. trails, as it connects the Appalachian Trail and the major hiking and cycling trails on the Continental Divide. It will also link many significant American landscapes, historic cities, diverse communities and iconic places.

With significant existing trails, possible routes and frequent parks, the challenge is more about lodging than access or interest. For backpackers, more than cyclists and auto tourists on the highly innovative intermodal corridor, the challenge is about the frequency of lodging needed to make a fantastic journey over unique American landscapes - natural, agricultural, rural, industrial and urban.

Chapter Organizations will help consider the best path for interest, enjoyment and safety, and advocate for various lodging solutions for trail visitors. They will provide recreationists and tourists with information about the area surrounding their chapter location. Chapter Organizations will produce events for their communities and provide educational programs. And they may even work toward larger projects to serve their communities and trail users.

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