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Members will have access to information and programs, much in the way that AAA members access travel information or Sierra Club members may join tours. However, the member benefits will be highly specialized and mostly focused on the areas of interest and key projects of the Mile Zero Trail Association (MZTA).

MZTA members are expected to be dedicated to the organization's mission of access to parks and trails, and visionary in the mold of historic figures like Benton MacKaye, who conceived the Appalachian Trail, and Willis and Anne Davis, who envisioned the preserve that became Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They are asked to have the perseverance and long-range thinking of Joshua David and Robert Hammond, New York City residents who initiated the establishment of the High Line.

While there will be many benefits for members, including local programs, social activities, information and newsletters, travel and information, youth camps, and workshops and conferences, members and Chapter Organizations will first and foremost be responsible to develop a set of great projects for the future benefits - recreational, cultural, educational and economic - of the many local communities across historic and vital regions of the United States.

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