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Whether hiking, biking, riding, driving or building it, the trail begins at Mile Zero.

The Mission

The Mile Zero Trail Association advocates for development, access, education, preservation, diverse transit and sensible use of parks and trails.

While the National Parks are, as Ken Burns described them, "America's best idea," they were originally only accessible to elite, upper class Americans. The challenge early proponents faced was to convince wealthy Americans to forego their European luxury vacations in order to see America's natural wonders.

The National Park-to-Park Highway Association, along with the symbiotic Good Roads Movement, advocated for greater access to 12 original national parks with better roads as Americans entered the early stage of the car culture century. From the world's first national park, Yellowstone National Park in 1872, for over one and a half centuries, great visionaries, planners and organization leaders have given the people of the United States and the world a fantastic legacy to care for and utilize for health, education and recreation.

The approaching 100-year-anniversaries of the National Park-to-Park Highway, the Appalachian Trail, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon and Hot Springs National Parks, and many other excellent institutions, call for a renewed vision and commitment to preservation, access and sensible use of national parks and trails in the future.

About the

The Mile Zero Trail Association was founded in 2017. The association will incorporate as a non-profit and apply for 501(c)(3) status in 2018.

-Promote access to parks and trails.
-Preserve nature and protect environment.
-Educate about benefits of trees and nature.
-Support local businesses and organizations.
-Support artists and their various art forms.
-Promote good health and quality of life.

-Create a national recreation trail, the Link Trail, to connect the Appalachian and Continental Divide trails.
-Create an intermodal, national cultural trail along a parallel corridor along the Link Trail's recreation route.
-Create a national/international historic and interpretive trail based on the nation's earliest written history.
-Celebrate achievements like the National Park to Park Highway, Appalachian Trail and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
-Establish conservancy organizations for the recreation and historic trails.
-They should merit participation with the Partnership for the National Trails system.
-Establish chapter organizations to plan and maintain the Link Trail.
-Develop camps and visitor/interpretive centers with gardens and farms.
-Plan and raise awareness through conferences, mini festivals and markets.
-Promote healthy activities (like walks and runs) in trail communities.
-Educate about trees, soil and water conservation, and plant tree "shelterbelts".
-Establish a permanent base camp location and organize a series of youth camps.
-Plan a festival to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization.

Background and History
-The Building Blocks of the Link Trail
-Where did the Mile Zero Trail Association begin?

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Southwest Ancient Puebloan Architecture


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Join the Mile Zero Trail Association Facebook group to stay current with developments and inaugural activities, including social activities and members' hiking trips.

As membership grows, planned trips and tours will include historic and regional adventures:

-The Kiamichi and Ouachita Mountains
-The National Park-to-Park Highway
-Great Smoky Mountains National Park
-The Ozark Trail/Historic Route 66
-Wichita Mountains/Anadarko Basin
-The Natchez Trace to New Orleans
-El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
-El Camino Real de Los Tejas
-Anza National Historic Trail
-The Route of Cabeza de Vaca
-The Land of Enchantment
-The Pilgrimage to Chimayo
-The Wonderland of Rocks
-Big Bend National Park
-The Colorado Plateau
-The Zuni-Acoma Trail
-And more

Mile Zero Educational Adventures

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