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Charter Member Signup and Survey

Charter Membership inquiries will be accepted through April 30, 2018.

If you are interested to join Mile Zero Trail Association, please read the information and submit the form below. Charter Membership ($50) is available through April 30, 2018. Inaugural Membership ($50) is available May 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019. Annual General Membership (expected to be $50 for 2019) will be available beginning February 1, 2019.

The roles and benefits for Members: The organization was founded in 2017. Charter Members are effectively Founding Members who are taking the steps to establish the organization as an official non-profit organization in 2018. Inaugural Members are those who join later in the first full year of membership activity. Annual membership fees for Charter Members and Inaugural Members will remain set at $50 through 2028, and likely beyond. The board may determine additional benefits for Members in the future. In 2019, General Members may continue to join the organization for a $50 membership fee, but unlike Charter Members and Inaugural Members, their annual membership fee may rise over time, though the goal is to keep membership fees as low as possible. A ten-year membership ($500) may be available for General Members in the future, pending board approval.

Why do we need the following information?
Name (required)
Whether you join as a Charter Member, Inaugural Member or a later General Member category, we want to thank you and credit you for your support.

Email and Zip Code (required)
We will send information about membership opportunities and the difference between membership categories. Zip code information will help us plan programs, organize events and connect Members with opportunities in different regions. Only 5-digit zip code is needed. You may list two.

City, County, State (optional)
We do not absolutely need this information, but it might be helpful if you are interested to volunteer, especially in areas where zip codes cover more than one city or county. And it will help us connect Members for social/educational events and Chapter Organization development.

Telephone (optional)
If you believe you will be active as a Member and a Volunteer, especially as an organizer, it will be helpful to have your phone number on file, but it is optional.

Business or Organization (optional)

Indicate a business or organization you are involved with if you believe it will be helpful or interested to help with our goals, promotion or outreach. We will not solicit sponsorship from these businesses and organizations, but rather we need their help with outreach and program development. We hope that many will propose partnerships and in-kind support, as well as sponsorship in the future.

Member Interests (strongly suggested)
We need to know if you are interested in helping to form or be a part of a Chapter Organization, plan or attend social and educational events, take part in travel opportunities, and/or youth camps. The more people express interest in these areas, the sooner we will be able to make progress on our goals.

Volunteer Availability (strongly suggested)
We are generally a volunteer organization, one that relies on Members to help accomplish its goals. Members are not required to help in planning or any other aspect of developing programs. But it is in the best interest of Members to volunteer, since that will be important in determining and meeting goals, and offering programs at the lowest possible costs for Members.

If you are interested to join Mile Zero Trail Asociation, please submit the information requested above. You will receive a confirmation and additional information about organization plans and activitieas, and Member benefits. There is plenty of time to ask additional questions you have before committing to be a Member. Again, THANK YOU for your support.

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