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Join the Mile Zero Trail Association to Shape the Future of Parks and Trails

The Mile Zero Trail Association's mission is to promote access to parks and trails. Specifically, MZTA advocates for development, access, education, preservation, diverse transit (including future energy-efficient modes), and sensible use of parks and trails, primarily focused on low-impact use and new technologies that improve environment and landscape aesthetics.

The principles of the highly innovative organization include environmental protection, education, arts and local business support, community improvement, local agriculture, non-profit organizations and sustainable economic activity, and quality of life, as well as the common benefits of access to parks and trails -- health, recreation and lifelong adventures.

While there will be many benefits for members (including local programs, social activities, information and newsletters, travel and information, youth camps, and workshops and conferences), members and Chapter Organizations will first and foremost be responsible to develop a set of great projects for the future benefits -- recreational, cultural, educational and economic -- of the many local communities across historic and vital regions of the United States.

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