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Support Arts and Cultural Programs in Local Communities

The Link Trail connects significant landscapes and national trails, from the Appalachian to the Rocky Mountains, while linking many of the nation's most storied and iconic communities. It not only provides an opportunity to connect the culturally-diverse southeast and southwest regions with a wide variety of possible travel experiences, but also to connect the many towns and cities through cultural experiences.

Local programs are one of the main means of connecting communities through arts, academic information and cultural exchange events. Long before the complete and improved footpath is achieved, the trail will be connected as a series of communities that are interested in sharing experiences with local citizens and travelers alike. In promoting quality of life, they will share common goals of education, historic preservation, healthy activities, community improvement and economic development.

Local Chapter Organizations will be primarily responsible to examine community needs and interests, and develop local programs. They will additionally inventory local attractions and unique organizations and businesses, and provide information that will be distributed through the organization to travelers with many interests. While they may determine local cultural needs, they may also support provident efforts, like trail tours or trail-wide festivals, as the organization strives to develop a new and innovative concept in national trail programming.

While the designation "National Cultural Trail" does not officially exist, the major goal of the organization's Link Trail project is to create a National Cultural Trail based on the significant historic and cultural resources that exist along its way, and to possibly see it achieve the well-deserved designation.

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