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The National Park-to-Park Highway Association formed in 1916. By 1920, the group made the inaugural tour of the National Park-to-Park Highway, covering 11 states and connecting the nation's first 12 National Parks.

In 1921, Benton MacKaye conceived the Appalachian Trail and formed the Appalachian Trail Conference (later named the Appalachian Trail Conservancy). The first segment opened in 1923 and the 2,200 mile trail was completed in 1937.

In 1923, Willis and Anne Davis envisioned a National Park in the Southern Appalachian Mountains to serve residents of the Eastern United States, many of whom were not able to travel to the Western parks. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the nation's most visited, was officially established in 1934.

Many of our nation's treasures would not exist to serve the greater public if it were not for bold ideas and visionary leaders. Those century-old advancements are not the end, but the beginning. Have you thought about what's next? Join the Mile Zero Trail Association to make it happen.

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