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Link Trail Interests and Awareness Campaings

The Link Trail is an intermodal corridor with parallel routes for automobiles and buses (LTA), bicycles and wheelchairs (LTB), and foot travelers (LTC).

Campaigns and informative resources will help travelers discover their specific interests along the Link Trail. They include:

Link Trail D - Detour - The campaign that advocates for roads less traveled.

Link Trail E - Environment - Renewable energy, efficient vehicles and more.

Link Trail F - Fun - Food, festivals, family activities, farm markets and more.

Link Trail G - Geology - Rockies, Great Plains, Delta, volcanoes and red hills.

Link Trail H - History - A cross section of American history and peoples.

Link Trail I - International - Resources for international travelers.

Link Trail J - Jobs - Jobs, economic benefits and social sciences of the future.

Link Trail K - 'K's - 5K and 10K walks and fun runs to promote community health.

Link Trail L - Local - Support the local arts, organizations and businesses.

Link Trail M - Music - The crossroads of America's exciting music history.

Link Trail N - Nature - Wildlife, birds, plants and four seasons on the trail.

Link Trail O - Outdoors - Activities that promote health and community.

Link Trail P - Parks - Unique and historic parks cover the length of the trail.

Link Trail Q - Quirks - Odd, unusual and downright quirky places on the trail.

Link Trail R - Recreation - Rock climbing, spelunking, trail riding and more.

Link Trail S - Science - Archaeology, paleontology, meteorology and more.

Link Trail T - Trees - The species, nuts, benefits and fall foliage forecasts.

Link Trail U - U-turn - Come back, reminisce and share experiences.

Link Trail V - Video - YouTube and other media of special interest.

Link Trail W - Waterways - Rivers, lakes, waterfalls and more.

Link Trail X - Extra Miles - Side trips and extra worthwhile detours.

Link Trail Y - Youth - Camps and programs that benefit kids.

Link Trail Z - Z Fest - The moving Mile Zero festival.

MZTA chapter organizations will help maintain information on the local level for the above areas of interest. View the Link Trail Project Planning Details page to get a sense about the resources available and various access in each trail section. Note: The Planning Details page is a quick overview and not a complete survey.

Texas Tulips are just one of the many unique attractions waiting to be discovered.

Communities like Medicine Park, Oklahoma offer many unique shops and events.

Mount Scott rises over 800 feet above the surrounding lakes and prairies.

A historic 1920 photograph reveals a "buffalo wallow" on the Great Plains.

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