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The Mile Zero Trail Association Advisory Board is an essential part of the organization's unique mission to serve diverse audiences. As an organization that would appear to be about the development of recreation, scenic and historic trails, there is substantially more to it than that.

One of its key projects, the Link Trail, is an intermodal trail corridor for hiking, cycling, auto touring, and other transit. It is connected by historical and cultural interests, recreational opportunities, the geology of fantastic landscapes, the geography of iconic places, climate, health concerns, communication networks and modern technology, and linked communities with their changing social and economic needs. Its development for visitors and intermodal use will be based on several stages of planning and surveying, as well as building community connections through cultural and educational activities, and proactive implimentation and productive use of modern technology.

The Advisory Board represents a wide variety of possibilities and potential for the Link Trail, as well as other key projects and programs, like development of youth camps, event planning, hospitality, lodging, visitor and cultural centers, etc. Advisory Board members may also share ideas and advocate for other exciting projects, such as development of a multistage competative cycling tour that utilizes extraordinary sections of the Link Trail corridor, development of an international interpretive trail, and establishment of a provident art and media center based on The Artery (a historic community space that was based in Houston).

As a new organization that is far from the older traditional models, the Advisory Board is quite advanced and its members' interests and talents are widely varied. Advisory Board members are unlikely to be found in a boardroom advising a few key decision makers; by revealing possibilities and guiding objectives, they encourage constituents to shape the vision and opportunities MZTA programs offer. They provide inspiration and guidance to a collective of grassroots Chapter Organizations.

Advisory Board members utilize social media and other communication platforms. They engage and inform the membership base and larger public about the best potential applications of their areas of expertise for the Link Trail and other MZTA programs. Their efforts may result in greater appreciation and support for local arts, proactive programs for healthy living, improved environment through education and hands-on activities, excellent workplaces that reflect modern potential, new technology, high quality services for marginalized youth, and greater cultural and economic literacy.

Through their outreach to MZTA members and the public, the projection of Advisory Board members' innovative and inspiring ideas is invaluable for the success of the Mile Zero Trail Association.

Founding Advisory Board Members
Namita Bodaji
Aiping DeGrassi
Vivalda Dula
Shelby Henry
Amelia Juresko
Mark Lacy
Neal Murthy

Karina Nistal
Rose Mary Salum
Renuka Sastri
Patrick Talley
Mary Valle-Cooper
Gabriel Villalobos
Nicole Zaza

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